SUBS 607 Test 4

SUBS 607 Test 4 Liberty University

  1. The ___________ does not exist, according to Dr. Stoop.
  2. Outstanding child support orders can be a source of legal conflict, 
according to Dr. Finner-Williams.
  3.        Couples should understand identity as
  4. Lack of proper ___________ can be a legal problem for addicts
  5. is a state of disaffiliation or complete alienation from meaningful human relationships and the social support systems most people have working for them.
  6. According to Dr. Stoop, __________ must enter into the process for healing and recovery
  7. A family problem will often result in _________ problems.
  8. Spouses usually are very understanding of their husband or wife’s
  9. There are existing ______ programs to help recovering addicts, according 
to Dr. Finner-Williams
  10.        Therapists need to understand that every couple will respond in the same way.
  11. The ___________ is often the chief enabler.
  12. GPS is an example of ____________ system.
  13. According to Dr. Stoop, alcoholism has nothing to do with genetics.
  14. The ____________ is often the identified problem, the person who 
everybody tries to fix.
  15. According to the Laasers, ___________ is the cornerstone for working on 
the marriage.
  16. The addict should utilize healthy accountability groups as opposed to one 
partner when in recovery.
  17. Which of the following is an example of culture?
  18. According to Dr. Laaser, addictions are dependencies on
  19. Former addicts rarely have trouble acquiring new jobs.
  20. According to the Laasers, addicts have a(n) _____________ disorder.
  21. According to the Laasers, the journey to recovery does not need to include interventions dealing with the marriage, but rather with the individual.
  22. Counselors need to avoid ______________ when examining cultural competency issues.
  23. The “lost” child usually makes the family look good to the outside world.
  24. According to Dr. Stoop, the body of Christ does not hold nearly as much weight as the family system.
  25. The comic’s role is to step in when the spouse is not enabling.
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