SUBS 607 Test 5

SUBS 607 Test 5 Liberty University

  1. Step 12 encompasses praying for sanctification.
  2. The first step of recovery is to admit one is __________ over addictions and compulsive behaviors
  3. The “H” in the Heart Check is
  4. If a person ignores one of the steps to recover, he/she can be prone to relapse.
  5. A person will probably avoid relapse even if attending their recovery meetings is not a priority.
  6. The key to the second step is having daily quiet time.
  7. According to John Baker, recover is a(n)
  8. According to John Baker, many identify ______________ as a block to entering the program.
  9. The fourth and fifth step encompass
  10. Which of the following is not a predictable pattern of relapse?
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