SUBS 609 Quiz 1 Sexual Foundations

SUBS 609 Quiz 1: Sexual Foundations and Enrichment

Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1 — Module 2: Week 2.

  1. Which of the following is a sexual challenge facing churches today?
  2. What part of the body is the “center for desire”?
  3. Exploratory play is an early indicator of future sexual addiction.
  4. What do women report liking the most about sex?
  5. Which of the following is a contributing factor in today’s distorted sexuality?
  6. Women who did not successfully attach with their primary caretaker during the first year of life tend to experience a greater lack of sexual desire.
  7. Men typically think about sex at least once a day.
  8. Parents should take deliberate steps to prevent their children from viewing and responding to pornography.
  9. According to the lecture, scheduling time for sex does not increase sexual desire and satisfaction for most couples because it lacks the element of spontaneity.
  10. Sexuality is a necessary element in humanity’s ability to fulfill the creation mandate and God’s divine purpose.
  11. Which of the following is true of contemporary culture’s view of sexuality?
  12. What can be done to increase one’s energy and desire for sex?
  13. According to Dr. Hart, modern sexuality is in need of
  14. Embracing one’s own sexuality enables management of sexual choices.
  15. Having children in the home decreases the energy and desire for sex for most married couples.
  16. Which of the following best describes the biblical practice of sex according to Proverbs 5 and Galatians 5?
  17. Modern sexuality has been taken out of the context of marriage and therefore, has lost its original intent.
  18. When a child asks curious questions about sex, his or her parents should first reinforce the importance and value of the child talking openly about these questions with a parent.
  19. Sex is a gift from God that is intended to help husbands and wives experience
  20. Being vulnerable in love-making teaches married couples to reflect
  21. Samson, David, and Solomon are biblical examples of men who were enticed into sexual sin primarily because of their
  22. The word for “sexual intercourse” in Scripture means
  23. Improving sexual responses and arousal is more about maturing the marriage relationship than about finding better sexual techniques.
  24. The sexual decision making process of adolescence usually sets the stage for sexual patterns in marriage.
  25. God has given believers permission to enjoy their sensual appetites in the way He intended.
  26. According to Dr. Hawkins, thinking theologically is attempting to uncover the truth about
  27. The sexual appetite was placed in humans by God only to ensure procreation.
  28. The primary sexual desire as designed by God, is to be passionately desired as the only partner for one’s spouse.
  29. Teaching couples to focus their attention on each other is a solution for fulfilling their spouse’s need to be
  30. According to biblical principles, which of the following enhances the joy of sex?
  31. The desire to be included is best categorized as a spiritual desire.
  32. __________ is the appetite in the human body for procreation and pleasure.
  33. According to the biblical account of the woman at the well, all desires can be satisfied through Jesus Christ.
  34. When sex was not talked about openly in the home, those children will have greater difficulty sharing their sexual likes and dislikes in marriage as an adult.
  35. Sex is an act God tolerates as a broken part of our fallen world.
  36. Fortunately, modern sexual trends and ideals have not yet infiltrated the subculture of the church.
  37. Men and women primarily have different desires and needs when it comes to the need for love, acceptance and intimacy.
  38. In order to experience fulfilling sex, married couples have to learn to reflect the characteristics of God.
  39. Adolescents need to be taught that sex is not something that should happen outside the context of a marriage.
  40. One of the best ways to redeem sexuality is to help Christians recognize their own vulnerability to sexual sin.
  41. The origin of sexual sin is often related to
  42. Driving expensive cars is a false substitute for the desire to be
  43. Pornography is dangerous because it
  44. Passion is deeply connected to one’s body image, age, and shape.
  45. Most men are unable to transition from sexual fantasies to sexual experiences with a real person.
  46. Sex, under the seal of the covenant of marriage, is not just good, but it is pure, honorable, and holy.
  47. One of the ways to build the foundation for passion is to find common terms to communicate about love-making.
  48. The desire to be heard and known is categorized as a(n) ________________ desire.
  49. One-night affairs tend to result more from the physical desire to be _____________ than from sexual desires.
  50. A person’s spiritual relationship with his/her spouse has little to do with the sexual relationship.
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