HIWD 341 Quiz 7

  1. The Arab Spring 2010-2011 uprisings caused a divide between what two Arabian powers?
  2. Who is called the “father of Turkish nationalism”?
  3. “Job nationalization” has dropped the percentage of foreigners working in Arab countries to what percentage?
  4. A Soviet backed socialist regime overthrew what Afghani King in 1973?
  5. The internet has increased the polemical discussion between which two Islamic groups?
  6. OPEC’s market share of the production of oil is:
  7. What percentage of the world’s Muslims are of Arabic descent?
  8. According to Gelvin, which event did NOT contribute a part to the contemporary era?
  9. Who became the president of Egypt following the 1952 coup?
  10. The Soviet Union committed how many troops in an unsuccessful bid to stop the Mujahidun (Mujahideen)?
  11. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan cost them ____,______ casualties.
  12. What is the largest Muslim country (by population) in the world?
  13. How much of Saudi Arabia’s revenues come from oil?
  14. During the notorious Anfal campaign of 1988, how many Kurdish civilians were killed by Iraqi government troops?
  15. The Bacth Party took control of which governments via purging of leftists, Islamists and unions, institution of labor confederations, and the expansion of women’s rights?
  16. What do Arabs call the Arab Spring?
  17. What nations primarily made up the “Global South”?
  18. What 1952 political movement became the model for the establishment of other states in the Muslim world?
  19. OPEC began with which five original members?
  20. Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine and Iraq are all examples of what category of states?
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