HIWD 341 Quiz Final

  1. Which ruler interpreting his dream of a tree that sprouted from his naval became destined to found the Ottoman Empire?
  2. The ancient empires are characterized as what?
  3. Professor Samuel P. Huntington’s thesis that Islamic civilization is stuck in unchanging values found in the Quran is called:
  4. What does the Quran indicate is the status of women in terms of economic and legal standing?
  5. Devshirme were:
  6. Capturing what Christian city in 1453 meant that the Ottomans had achieved what Islamic dream?
  7. The British remained an ally of the Ottomans primarily to:
  8. After the fall of the Safavid Empire, what to European countries fought for control of Persia in what became known as the “Great Game”?
  9. Tunisia’s great state-builder of the 19th Century was:
  10. Amir Faysal was:
  11. What Turkish group represented strong democratic, nationalist ideology, promoted Islamic traditions & modern technology, and loyalty to the Ottoman sultans as a constitutional sovereign?
  12. All of the following describe British Imperialism EXCEPT:
  13. Nazi allies in the Muslim world actually included more __________, __________, and ________ than Arabs.
  14. Which Muslim country’s military urged Hitler to use Muslims for a jihad against the “godless Soviet regime”?
  15. Which Muslim unit participated in the massacre of thousands of Bosnian Jews, Christian Serbs and Roma (Gypsies)?
  16. According to Hillenbrand, Sufism can be best described as “a pathway to God or Allah”. While not implying that no other ways may exist, it does emphasize that Sufism is a better way. What made the Sufi Brotherhoods historically one of the main mechanisms for the proselytizing of Islam (all forms) abroad?
  17. All of the following are ways that Arabs resisted Zionist settlement policies EXCEPT:
  18. What female Muslim celebrity is known as the “Star of the East”
  19. A Soviet backed socialist regime overthrew what Afghani King in 1973?
  20. Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine and Iraq are all examples of what category of states?
  21. How much of Saudi Arabia’s revenues come from oil?
  22. Before 9/11 US policy in the Middle East was considered successful because:
  23. What percentage of the Middle East is between the ages of 15 and 29?
  24. What asset is the primary reason the United States got involved in the Middle East?
  25. In 2006-2010 __________ suffered from its worst drought in 500- 900 years.
  26. Gelvin states that “human rights, representative government, and social and economic justice still resonate with populations in the region and beyond.” (346-347) Why, then, have so-called popular movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt failed to retain power? What aspects of a popular movement may be most problematic to actually retaining power?
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