HLTH 505 Quiz Urbanization and Disease

HLTH 505 Quiz: Urbanization and Disease

  1. What is currently the most common route of entry for exotic pests introduced into the United States?
  2. What is the single leading cause of deforestation in the world today?
  3. Which of the following is a species in danger of extinction due to introduction of an exotic species into its natural habitat:
  4. The main strategy currently advocated by the Natural Resources Conservation Service for reducing soil erosion is:
  5. What activity is regulated under the CITES agreement?
  6. What is the major “energy crisis” among the poor in developing countries?
  7. Which of the following statements about erosion control is false?
  8. In which region has cattle ranching been the single most important cause of deforestation?
  9. What is meant by “T-value”?
  10. Which of the following is the leading cause of species loss at the present time?
  11. Which of the following statements about wetlands is false?
  12. What are aflatoxins?
  13. Which of the following substances acts as a mutagen, a teratogen, and a carcinogen?
  14. Which of the following types of cancer is sometimes associated with a prior viral infection?
  15. Which of these teratogenic substances is the cause of approximately 5% of all deaths among newborns in the U.S., most of them resulting from low birth weight caused by a reduction in blood oxygen levels?
  16. The standard procedure for testing the health effects of new chemicals is to administer very large doses of the substance in question to laboratory animals and to observe any adverse effects which might develop. Why are such large doses used?
  17. Regular consumption of which of the following foods is believed capable of reducing an individual’s chances of developing cancer?
  18. In reference to cancer prevention, which of the following statements is false?
  19. The death rate due to which of the following type of cancer has declined dramatically over the past 50 years because of improved diagnostic procedures?
  20. The fact that asbestos workers who smoke are 60 times more likely to develop lung cancer than are their nonsmoking colleagues is an example of:
  21. Which of the following statements about cancer is false?
  22. What is the cause of Down syndrome?
  23. Pregnant women whose diet is deficient in folic acid are at heightened risk of bearing a child with what type of birth defect?
  24. Thalidomide, methyl mercury, Dilantin, Accutane, DES, and cytomegalovirus all share what characteristic?
  25. According to the American Cancer Society, the only cancers for which death rates have been rising in recent years are:
  26. During which of the following stages of fetal development is exposure to a teratogenic agent likely to be the most damaging?
  27. Which of the following statements about lung cancer is true?
  28. What is the leading cause of cancer deaths for men?
  29. What is a proto-oncogene?
  30. Which of the following diseases is caused by a point mutation?
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