HIWD 341 Quiz 5

  1. Who did Muslim leaders who supported the Nazis NOT list as their joint enemies?
  2. Al-Husaini played a role in the development of the Final Solution because:
  3. Al-Husaini’s opinion of the Jews could best be described as:
  4. The primary contact and sympathizer with the Nazi’s in the Arabic world was Amin al-Husaini.What prestigious position did he hold in the Islamic religion?
  5. Nazi allies in the Muslim world actually included more __________, __________, and ________ than Arabs.
  6. Which Nazi sympathizing Turk advocated for a German-backed independent Turkestan?
  7. What is the single, global community of Muslims called?
  8. Aga Khan, who was a major Nazi sympathizer and met Hitler directly in 1937, was a key contact representing what group of Muslims?
  9. Arab views on Communism before and during the Second World War could be best described as:
  10. Which Muslim unit participated in the massacre of thousands of Bosnian Jews, Christian Serbs and Roma (Gypsies)?
  11. What was the legacy of the Nazi ideology that was introduced by Muslim Nazi sympathizers upon the Middle East?
  12. Rashid Ali al-Kailani was a Nazi sympathizer that represented what Arab country?
  13. The official German war plans saw the USSR as the backdoor to taking over what area?
  14. Which Muslim country’s military urged Hitler to use Muslims for a jihad against the “godless Soviet regime”?
  15. Who stated that if Germans had become Muslims –rather than being restrained by Christian morality- they would have conquered the world?
  16. To whom did Al-Husaini propose an “Islamic Army” to fight America?
  17. Which of the following men did Al-Husaini NOT send for training in the SS in order to create death camp in the Middle East?
  18. What German propaganda film convinced Al-Husaini that the Germans had no long-term interests on the Middle East?
  19. What was the name of the Nazi Arab radio broadcaster, known for his famous opening line “Huna Barlin”?
  20. All of the following were names used for the Arabic unit of Nazi trained fighters EXCEPT:
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