BIOL 102 Quiz 7

BIOL 102 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. The “conducting zone” of a neuron is found at the ____.​
  2. West Nile virus or herpes virus infection can lead to the dangerous condition of ____.​
  3. Smell and taste receptors would be classified as ____.​
  4. Which condition is also known as nearsightedness?​
  5. Pain from an internal organ is known as ____.​
  6. Which structure controls lens shape?​
  7. The neurons that are located in the brain and spinal cord are ____.​
  8. The pons and medulla oblongata are part of the ____.​
  9. Sound waves enter the ear through the ____.​
  10. The most common inherited visual abnormality is ____.​
  11. The structure in the retina containing cone cells is the ____.​
  12. Which structure runs from the middle ear to the pharynx to equalize air pressure?​
  13. What serves as a pressure release valve for the force of the air waves passing through the cochlea?​
  14. Which imaging technique measures states of consciousness?​
  15. Over 90% of all cells in the nervous system are ____.​
  16. Glial cells perform all of the following functions EXCEPT ____.​
  17. The disorder associated with a loss of dopamine producing cells is ____.​
  18. In which condition must the eye often be removed to prevent the spread of the disease?​
  19. Receptors that detect tissue damage are classified as ____.​
  20. A dendrite of a sensory neuron is classified as a(n) ____.​
  21. What is found in the ventral horn of the spinal cord?​
  22. On which structure would you expect to find a body map?​
  23. ​The diminished response to an ongoing stimulus is ____.
  24. Free nerve endings in the skin detect ____.​
  25. On which portion of the visual system is the image upside down and backwards?​
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