BIOL 102 Quiz 6

BIOL 102 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. The kidney’s central urine collecting cavity is known as the ____.​
  2. The kidneys perform all of the following functions EXCEPT ____.​
  3. The contractions within the small intestines that aid in digestion and absorption are known as ____.​
  4. Bile salts surround the end-products of fat digestion to form ____.​
  5. Which of the following secretions is NOT found in the duodenum?
  6. On a daily basis what percentage of the water the kidneys filter is excreted in urine?​
  7. Food energy is measured in ____.​
  8. The procedure lithotripsy is used to treat ____.​
  9. A decrease in which hormone might cause an overproduction of stomach acids?​
  10. Which hormone is secreted by the adrenal cortex?​
  11. Fluid filtered from glomerular capillaries immediately flows into the ____.​
  12. The body loses fluids by four of the following means. Which is the exception?​
  13. The stomach secretion that aids in vitamin B12absorption is ____.​
  14. Urinary tract infections ____.​
  15. Which pancreatic secretion works in conjunction with bile?​
  16. Which hormone is synthesized by and acts on the stomach?​
  17. The combination of villi and microvilli provides the small intestine with ____.​
  18. Which accessory digestive organ secretes both enzymes and hormones?​
  19. The lipids that cannot be synthesized by the liver are classified as ____.​
  20. In which portion of the nephron do hormones control water and salt reabsorption?​
  21. The term used to describe partially digested food in the stomach is ____.​
  22. The only organ that can permanently rid the body of excess H+is the ____.​
  23. Which mineral may contribute to high blood pressure?​
  24. Which of the following is NOT an end-product of digestion?​
  25. During the urination reflex, voluntary control is directed at the ____.​
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