BIOL 102 Quiz Immune and Respiratory Systems

BIOL 102 Quiz: Immune and Respiratory Systems

  1. Which part of the spleen contains masses of lymphocytes?
  2. White blood cells and ____ carry out innate immune responses.
  3. Which cells mature in the thymus gland?
  4. Which portion of the lymphatic system is the site where T lymphocytes develop?
  5. Which cells require specific antigens to become activated?
  6. Mast cells are important in which body response?
  7. Adaptive immunity has a response time of ____.
  8. When activated, the complement system produces ____.
  9. The cause of infant respiratory distress syndrome is a lack of ____.
  10. At sea level, what percentage of the air we breathe is oxygen?
  11. The amount of air that can be forcibly inspired after a normal inhalation is the ____.
  12. During voice production, air rushing through which structure causes the vocal cords to vibrate?
  13. Which disorder is the result of a bacterial infection that destroys patches of lung tissue and can also spread to other body parts?
  14. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of alveoli?
  15. The epithelium across which gases exchange is the ____.
  16. In which disorder is the elastic tissue of the lung destroyed making expiration extremely difficult?
  17. Because of hemoglobin, blood is able to carry ____ times more oxygen than what can dissolve in the blood.
  18. The major nerve that controls inspiratory activity is the ____.
  19. The carotid and aortic bodies stimulate respiratory activity ____.
  20. The branches of the trachea that enter each lung are the ____.
  21. Which type of lung cancer is the most aggressive form?
  22. Allergies that trigger whole-body responses can trigger the deadly condition ____.
  23. Which type of cell produces cytokines to enhance the adaptive immune response?
  24. HIV’s primary genetic instructions are in the form of ____.
  25. A collapsed lung occurs when the pressure in the ____.
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