BIOL 102 Quiz Digestive System

BIOL 102 Quiz: Digestive and Urinary Systems

  1. The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes into the ____.
  2. As food moves into the small intestines, intestinal cells release which hormone to promote insulin secretion?
  3. What is found within a small intestinal villus?
  4. The liver performs all of the following functions EXCEPT for ____.
  5. Which hormone stimulates pancreatic and gallbladder secretions?
  6. The movement of materials from the lumen to the blood or lymph is ____.
  7. Which of the following secretions is NOT a digestive enzyme?
  8. Most of the nutrient digestion and absorption takes place in the ____.
  9. The combination of villi and microvilli provides the small intestine with ____.
  10. Which accessory digestive organ secretes both enzymes and hormones?
  11. Which of the following is an early warning sign of colorectal cancer?
  12. The amount of energy needed to maintain basic metabolic functions is the ____.
  13. The term used to describe partially digested food in the stomach is ____.
  14. The brush border lining of the small intestine is derived from ____.
  15. In response to a high fat content in chyme, the duodenum releases ____.
  16. In the liver, carbon dioxide and ammonia are combined to form the less toxic waste product
  17. The body loses fluids by four of the following means. Which is the exception?
  18. The most common metabolic waste product is ____.
  19. For a healthy adult, which compartment contains the most fluid?
  20. The majority of tubular reabsorption takes place in the ____.
  21. Which of the following is considered “insensible” water loss?
  22. Which of the following is NOT a malabsorption disorder?
  23. Which of the following is NOT an end-product of digestion?
  24. Renin is produced by cells in the ____.
  25. Which substance is never secreted?
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