BIOL 102 Quiz Circulatory System

BIOL 102 Quiz: Heart, Blood, and Circulatory System

  1. The systemic circulation of blood flow begins when blood enters the ____.
  2. In which structure would you find oxygenated blood?
  3. A heart rate above 100 beats per minute is known as ____.
  4. The hardening of the arteries is known as ____.
  5. Which vessel carries blood from the small intestines to the liver?
  6. Exchange of materials between blood and tissues depends upon ____.
  7. Which type of vessel offers the most resistance to blood flow?
  8. The pelvic organs receive blood from the ____.
  9. In which type of vessel can blood flow be regulated by the nervous system?
  10. When the left atrium is contracting ____.
  11. As the electrical impulse moves through the cardiac conduction system it slows down at which structure to allow the atria to finish their contraction?
  12. What percentage of heart cells are part of the cardiac conduction system?
  13. Platelets are derived directly from ____.
  14. Which blood component determines plasma fluid volume?
  15. The defense response against a mismatched transfusion is called ____.
  16. Which factor promotes oxygen release from hemoglobin at the tissue?
  17. Which of the following is found in the general circulation?
  18. Plasma consists mostly of ____.
  19. On average, how many red blood cells are there in a microliter of blood?
  20. The final step in the clotting pathway is ____.
  21. Most of the oxygen found in the blood is ____.
  22. When blood pressure rises rapidly the body responds by ____.
  23. Blood pressure is ____.
  24. During ventricular contraction which valve closes to prevent blood reentering the right atrium?
  25. A person with type B blood has which antibodies?
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