SOWK 250 Quiz 1

SOWK 250 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Quality of work cannot be offered without:
  2. What is the chief component(s) of burnout as defined by Maslach that will “invade our lives”:
  3. Self-care goals need to be attainable and measurable. To help, the author recommends using the ‘SMART’ acronym. Which stands for:
  4. All that social workers stand for and work towards is largely:
  5. According to the text, many social workers:
  6. What is the characteristic described by Smullens that accompanies stress and anxiety:
  7. What are the three main components of burnout:
  8. According to the ______, it states that social workers have a “duty to take necessary steps to care for themselves professionally and personally in the workplace and society”.
  9. _______ is recommended by Grise-Owens in addition to using SMART planning.
  10. According to Freudenberger, when we are burned out we become increasingly: (choose the answer that best applies)
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