SOWK 250 Quiz 6

SOWK 250 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. Effective self-care strategies are:
  2. To alter self-defeating behaviors and attitudes many clinicians today have moved from a psychodynamic approach to:
  3. Smullens recommends finding specific enjoyable and productive self-care strategies you will want to return to with enough regularity to reap their benefits. This is an example of
  4. According to Smullens, who receives he brunt of a social worker’s irritability, depression, lethargy that ultimately results in burnout?
  5. What is a self-care strategy that Smullens said came up most frequently among their respondents?
  6. _______Self-care strategy selections provide all of us in mental health and related professions with a greater ability to see, hear, and feel what our clients are trying to tell us about their own journeys.
  7. Important vehicles to consider as personal self-care strategies collectively or individually are:
  8. According to Rechtschaffen, which of the following is NOT a category for ‘Time-shifting’?
  9. Which of the following Tips related to the workplace explains the importance of having a comfortable environment
  10. The profession of social work:
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