SOWK 250 Quiz 2

SOWK 250 Quiz 2 Liberty University

Module 2: Week 2

  1. Balance is important because it not only takes care of our bodies and those around us but also brings awareness that it could negatively affect which parts of our lives?
  2. What did Margaret, from the case study, do in regards to the female student who was allegedly raped?
  3. Physically active individuals experience stronger feelings of ___________.
  4. Physical illnesses that can be revealed because of burnout includes all of the following except:
  5. Which of the following does not help keep life decisive and deliberate?
  6. “Exercise helps us to restore _____________ and decompress, to return to ourselves and find balance in an unstable ______________.”
  7. In relation to burnout and its different variables, what educational attributes most often lead to burnout?
  8. Social workers must:
  9. To find balance with self-care we must learn to:
  10. Which of the following is not one of the Fantastic 4?

Set 2

  1. Social workers:
  2. Stress affects us physically and psychologically. It can decrease our productivity and can impair our ______________skills.
  3. The honest feedback from our trusted loved ones as to how we are coming across should be:
  4. Which is not one of the spiritual principles discussed
  5. Personal burnout can include psychological challenges with:
  6. Within one’s professional environment, burnout can occur in reference to:
  7. The four arenas in which burnout makes its most powerful impact are:
  8. How many posited factors may be related to burnout?
  9. Being a social worker or other helping professional is demanding on the body, mind, and the spirit.
  10. Hassmen, Koivula, and Utela (2000) identified exercise as a positive behavior with multiple benefits for human well-being… Physically active individuals experience stronger feelings of ___________________.
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