BIOL 102 Quiz 8

BIOL 102 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. ​Which birth control method does NOT suppress ovulation?
  2. ​The production of glucose by liver cells in response to cortisol is called ____.
  3. During which phase does the corpus luteum form?​
  4. ​Which of the following is the cause of goiter in a patient with hypothyroidism?
  5. ​Vitamin D deficiency in children causes
  6. ​The term that refers to two hormones working together at a target tissue is ____.
  7. ​Cortisol promotes “glucose sparing” for which organ?
  8. ​Which of the following maintains the endometrium in preparation for pregnancy?
  9. ​Glucocorticoids promote ____.
  10. ​Which gland is associated with biological clocks or biorhythms?
  11. ​An excess of growth hormone in adults results in ____.
  12. ​Which pair of hormones influences the urinary system’s ability to manage salt retention?
  13. ​Which gland produces the hormones oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone (ADH)?
  14. ​Injections of growth hormone can result in four of the following effects. Which is the exception?
  15. ​Which cells are the precursors to mature sperm cells?
  16. ​The adrenal medulla produces ____.
  17. ​The organ of sexual intercourse and birth is the ____.
  18. ​In a normal, healthy individual, at which time would cortisol secretion be highest?
  19. ​Which gland has both endocrine and exocrine functions?
  20. Which of the following is NOT known to be a contributing factor to male infertility?​
  21. ​Which of the following is characteristic of hypothyroidism?
  22. ​Which ovarian hormone helps prepare the uterus for a potential pregnancy?
  23. oviductSperm capacitation takes place in the ____.
  24. Which structure contains 46 chromosomes?
  25. ​A type II diabetic ____.
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