SOWK 135 Quiz 1

SOWK 135 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. According to Garland, social work as a calling includes the following:
  2. True or False: According to J. J. Cole, adoptive families vary in their involvement with birth families.
  3. True or False: In the Introduction to the Garland text, the author speaks of diversity within Christian faith perspectives amongst social work professionals.
  4. Zimba was admitted to John Hale because of all of the following except
  5. Alison realized she can never know all of what her clients have experienced, but she can provide ________ and recognition that each is one is also a child of God as she is.
  6. According to the text, Patricia Cummings helped to develop a successful __________________.
  7. Why had Beth and Carrie Porter never spoken up about their circumstances?
  8. Child Protective Services refers to their adoption program as the _____________ of the child welfare system.
  9. According to the text, Allison Porter believed she was living out her faith by doing all of the following except
  10. True or False: Allison advocated that the program at SYC change to an unlocked facility, which offered freedom and increased privileges; it’s success has led to keeping this plan in place.
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