SOWK 135 Quiz 7

SOWK 135 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. True or False: Chanphen’s goal is to bring people to Jesus, not to bring Jesus to people.
  2. What do Heather and her husband initially offer those on the street, in hopes that they will form relationships?
  3. True or False: With the help of Heather and the church, Carlota was able to escape prostitution and find a job at a local grocery store.
  4. Chanphen emphasizes the importance showing God’s love by __________________.
  5. Heather explains how missionaries serving in remote villages often had no concept of
  6. After quitting her job as a businesswoman, Chanphen started working as a ________.
  7. Which is not a regular task for Heather?
  8. True or False: Heather discouraged the “American Denominational Model.”
  9. What changes has Chanphen been able to make in her organization?
  10. True or False: According to the video, social work is rarely seen in the church but is more a function of missions.
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