ETHC 205 Quiz Ethics of Sexuality

ETHC 205 Quiz Ethics of Sexuality, Gender Identity, and Ethnicity

Covers the Learn material from Module 5: Week 5 to Module 6: Week 6.

  1. According to Magnuson, the apostle Paul exhorts in 1 Thess. 1:2-10, that sexual desire is something to be explored without boundaries as long as it is between two agreeable adults.
  2. According to Magnuson, the criminal justice system has always prosecuted black Americans in the exact same manner as white Americans.
  3. According to Allison, the definition of gender dysphoria is:
  4. According to Allison, the church should embrace a spectrum of masculinity and femininity to prevent men and women who don’t fit the traditional notions from feeling as though they must be the wrong sex.
  5. According to Allison, one should interpret Paul’s prohibitions against sexaul immorality to also include all of the following except:
  6. According to Magnuson, it isn’t hypocritical at all that the dehumanizing practice of slavery existed in a nation that declared freedom for all.
  7. According to Allison, Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men.
  8. According to Magnuson, all of the following are reasons that church congregations still continue to lack diversity except for:
  9. According to Magnuson, all of the following are reasons whey sex is important to Christians except:
  10. According to Magnuson, man bears the image of God but woman bears the image of man.
  11. According to Magnuson, although it highlights some major problems to be fixed, Critical Race Theory is not adequate to deal with the whole problem of racism.
  12. According to Magnuson, lynchings were not just done by the KKK, but also by which of the following?
  13. According to Magnuson, all of the following are inevitable consequences of the disording of sex after the fall of humanity into sinfulness except:
  14. According to Magnuson, the institution of slavery has existed around the world, in various forms, from the beginning of recorded history.
  15. According to Magnuson, God created all human beings in His image, and thus all ethnic groups system from one race founded in Adam and Eve.
  16. According to Allison, the experience of gender dysphoria is never real and should be of little concern.
  17. According to Magnuson, approximately ______% of approximately 12 million people forced into the transatlantic slave trade were sent to the colonies that are now the United States.
  18. According to Magnuson, John Stott says that recognizing and celebrating ethnic diversity does not require or imply that we embrace religious diversity.
  19. According to Magnuson, marriage was intended by God to be permanent, as Jesus said that it is a union of two into one flesh.
  20. According to Allison, engaging in sexual intercouse with a prostitute is just like eating food to fill one’s stomach.
  21. According to Magnuson, being chaste in singleness and faithful in marriage is an old standard that should no longer pertain to Christian communities.
  22. According to Allison, unrestricted access to pornography through always-available internted has helped chip away at the expression of sexuality within biblical guidelines.
  23. According to Magnuson, all of the following are presuppositions or influential factors of secular Western perspectives on sex except:
  24. According to Magnuson, abstinence outside of marriage does not deny the goodness of sexual desire, but rather denies short-term satisfaction in favor of long-term satisfaction.
  25. According to Magnuson, sexual morality can teach us in a very powerful way what faithfulness means and how unfaithfulness tears at the fabric of relationships and community.


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