ETHC 205 Quiz Digital Technology

ETHC 205 Quiz Digital Technology and Christian Life

Covers the Learn material from Module 8: Week 8.

  1. According to Gome, Sherry Turkle argues that face to face conversations at the work place makes us less productive and causes more stress.
  2. According to Gome, Nicholas Carr believes that physically amplifying technolofies are the most sifnificant.
  3. According to Gome, every technology embodies an intellectual ethic about how the mind does and should work.
  4. According to Gome, one way that Christians can sanctify their vritual activities is to be content creators and not just consumers.
  5. According to Gome, Sherry Turkle argues that our physical interactions with other people in the workplace fosters all of the following except:
  6. According to Gome, Sherry Turkle notes that children don’t feel like they have to compete for attention with their parents’ use of smartphones.
  7. According to Gome, Justin Early suggests all the following as disciplines to help us deal with the distracting potential of smartphones except:
  8. According to Gome, the the Puritan term for an appropriate relationship to things of the world was weaned affections.
  9. According to Gome, the intellectual and physical consequences of using digital technology are spiritual inconsequential.
  10. According to Gome, neuroscientists have claimed that constant shifting of our attention when online makes our brains more nimble at multitasking.
  11. According to Gome, Charles Taylor argued that for the Reformers, the fullness of the Christian existence was to be found within the activities of one’s life, one’s calling, in marriage, and in the family.
  12. According to Gome, Sherry Turkle argues that smart phone apps like Tinder give us the impression that we have limitless choice of romantic partners.
  13. According to Gome, Hugh Latimer argued that if Jesus himself submitted to work, then all kinds of work sould be dignified.
  14. According to Gome, psychologists have pointed out that our difficulty with times of solitude has nothing to do with knowing our own soul.
  15. According to Gome, finding our identity in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube likes is a healthy way to find our value as people.
  16. According to Gome, Charles Taylor claims that no movement had more historical significance in affirming ordinary life than Puritanism.
  17. According to Gome, Sherry Turkle argues that without solitude we cannot construct a stable sense of self, and screen time restricts a proper sense of solitude.
  18. According to Gome, all the following are the purposes of Christian interaction in the world except:
  19. According to Gome, the internet’s ability to combine many different kinds of information on a single screen leads to fragmented content and disrupted concentation.
  20. According to Gome, Justin Earley argued that digital technology truly allows us to be present everywhere.
  21. According to Gome, James Smith believes that every technology:
  22. According to Gome, living our lives according to a Christian theology of time will help us avoid idleness and addiciton to technology.
  23. According to Gome, Nicholas Carr defined technology as “tools that replace our innate capacities.”
  24. According to Gome, the side effects of virtual tools can be classified into all of the following categories except:
  25. According to Gome, the chief challenge that the internet poses to modern life is:


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