SOWK 135 Quiz 6

SOWK 135 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. According to the PowerPoint presentation, social workers for refugees/immigrants are involved in all of the following except
  2. Aurora’s mother noticed a sense of compassion in Aurora when she _____________.
  3. Aurora believes that social work has operationalized her spiritual gift of __________.
  4. At their comité meeting discussed in the book, what did the group discuss?
  5. True or False: Refugees are a special population of immigrants.
  6. What is Karen’s least favorite part of her job?
  7. According to the text, Karen has helped refugees with all of the following except
  8. True or False: With Aurora’s leadership, IRC led a statewide campaign that successfully defeated more than 80 anti-immigrant bills in the state legislature.
  9. Aurora educated immigrants that they _____ answer to an officer questions about where they were born.
  10. What event in Karen’s life was a source of conflict within her family?
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