CEFS 502 Quiz 4

CEFS 502 Quiz 4 Middle Childhood

  1. Specialized antibullying interventions in schools should focus primarily on fostering a positive ______.
  2. Children who use ______ to achieve dominance are generally more liked by their peers.
  3. When children living in poverty compare themselves to their middle school classmates, they become very susceptible to developing ______, which can trigger a downward spiral.
  4. involves the child realizing that just because the shape or form of an object changes, does not mean the object appears or disappears.
  5. Children develop conceptual skills such as conservation, classification, and computational skills during adolescence.
  6. parents are highly demanding and use a high level of control in handling their children. They usually show little affection toward their children and have closed communication between one another.
  7. Between the ages of ______, primary and secondary sex characteristics are forming.
  8. Children as young as age 8 have been reported taking part in unhealthy dieting and eating behaviors.
  9. Many of the changes occurring during middle childhood develop within the ______, which is the brain center responsible for attention, working memory, behavioral monitoring, self-regulation, reasoning, information processing, goal-setting, and inhibition.
  10. Especially during traumatic events like the COVID-19 pandemic, counselors should share their anxiety with children in order to normalize these fears.
  11. During the ______ stage of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, the social orientation or focus is on law and order.
  12. Cognitive development is unlikely to be affected by a child’s socioeconomic status.
  13. ______ can lead to academic anxiety and low intrinsic motivation.
  14. Research suggests that bullying never occurs in intraracial environments.
  15. How well children succeed at learning social rules and self-presentational strategies has a large impact on the development of
  16. ______ equips children with the skills needed to practice self-monitoring or self-instruction techniques.
  17. During middle childhood, thought processes develop into what Piaget classified as the ______ stage.
  18. Addressing the psychological barriers to physical activity may be paramount in successful therapeutic treatment of obesity in children and adolescents.
  19. ______ in children is now the number one health concern among parents in the United States.
  20. Middle school children typically develop friendships with children who share similar interests and
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