CEFS 502 Quiz 6

CEFS 502 Quiz 6 Early and Middle Adulthood

  1. ______ is a decline in the functioning of organs and systems that is influenced by genetics.
  2. Studies indicate that children raised in households with cohabitating adults are more likely than children in two-parent, married households to
  3. In early adulthood, many individuals are still in the ______ stage of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development.
  4. According to Levinson, the ages of 17 to 45 encompass early adulthood, which he divides into the ______ phase and the culminating phase.
  5. Schaie and Willis’s Stage Theory of Cognition places individuals in early adulthood in the stages of
  6. According to Schaie and Willis’s theory of cognition, in early emerging adulthood, people typically switch their focus from acquisition of knowledge to
  7. Lower-income individuals with limited education often do not have good health mainly due to their living conditions and habits.
  8. The ______ stage of Schaie and Willis’s Stage Theory of Cognition occurs when a family is established, and the needs of spouse and offspring must be met.
  9. Erikson argued that maintaining a firm sense of identity is a prerequisite to having successful intimate relationships.
  10. In early adulthood, death rates due to disease are low, but the rate of violence-related deaths is high.
  11. The center of Levinson’s theory is ______, which is described as the underlying pattern of a person’s life at any particular time.
  12. describes the concern for establishing and guiding the next generation that many people experience in middle adulthood.
  13. The social ladder takes into account a person’s place in multiple dimensions of socioeconomic status.
  14. Selective optimization processes can enable the resilient middle-age adult to draw on social and psychological resources to compensate for biological decline.
  15. Raul’s elderly mother requires significant care, but is reticient to relocate to a care facility. Her in home caregiver consistently calls Raul with urgent questions and updates while he is at work, as a salesperson. In the past week, Raul has lost two major clients because of their perceived lack of focus from Raul. Raul is experiencing
  16. Which of the following is likely to exacerbate secondary aging?
  17. Tamara has been an administrative assistant for five years. Despite exceling in her role and taking on the duties usually reserved for an executive assistant, Tamara has been repeatedly denied promotions and is seldom recognized for her efforts. Tamara, a Black trans woman, suspects that ______ may at play.
  18. may be manifested by not acknowledging any positive contributions people make or are making in their place of employment or membership associations.
  19. Counselors should enroll in ethnic studies courses so that they can master cultural responsiveness.
  20. The anxieties of middle adulthood result largely from ______.
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