SUBS 609 Quiz Sexual Challenges Brokenness

SUBS 609 Quiz: Sexual Challenges and Brokenness

Covers the Learn material from Module 4: Week 4 — Module 5: Week 5.

  1. The social aspect of a relationship means the way a couple relates in public to one another.
  2. What is the phrase that was used in the video to describe eros?
  3. What is the phrase that was used in the video to describe agape?
  4. Where does all power ultimately come from?
  5. God created man before creating women; therefore, people can assume that sex and marriage was an afterthought in creation.
  6. The more inadequate or weak a leader feels in a position of power, the more likely he or she is to abuse those in positions of vulnerability under their power.
  7. Which of the following is a biblical way to exert self- control?
  8. Which of the following is a characteristic of eros love?
  9. Primary infertility involves
  10. Which of the following is an authentic sign of spiritual maturity?
  11. According to Scripture, what is the best place for sexual healing to occur within the church?
  12. According to Worthington, what is the cause of most human moral failure?
  13. Who is primarily responsible for sex education according to Deuteronomy 6:1-9?
  14. According to Dr. Worthington’s additional notes, Jesus’ warning in Matthew 5:29-30 that, “If your eye or hand causes you to sin, cut it off”, most likely means
  15. It is dangerous to teach children the belief that sex is a good gift from God, so teaching them that sex is “bad” will more likely protect them from being hurt by misusing it.
  16. Research indicates that a powerful predictor of a child’s behavior is the behavior of his/her peer group.
  17. Which culture or ancient language gave us the words “agape” and “eros”?
  18. Ezekiel 34:2 teaches that the purpose of a “sheep and shepherd” relationship is for both individuals to mutually meet each other’s needs.
  19. Co-therapy and conjoint counseling are two effective suggestions for decreasing the risk of sexual attraction between helper and client.
  20. The sexual being and the spiritual being are two separate realms and, therefore, do not affect one another.
  21. Eros love is appropriate in high school dating relationships.
  22. When the body of Christ protects the abuser rather than the abused for any reason, they are violating the will of God.
  23. A proper theology of sex leads to
  24. The relationship graph is
  25. What is the primary influence of single sexuality and values in the current culture?
  26. How many couples struggling with infertility will eventually experience successful pregnancies?
  27. Which of the following was found to be a “gateway” to further physical contact among pastors and psychologists and their parishioners or clients?
  28. According to Dr. Cutrer, Christian couples who view conception as an act of God’s sovereignty should not seek medical intervention or treatments to help them produce a successful pregnancy.
  29. Sexual abuse and harassment is illegal.
  30. Approximately how many single adults have never been married before?
  31. According to Dr. Cutrer, infertility and pregnancy loss are part of the curse of sin that women would experience pain in childbirth, a pain that involves conception through delivery.
  32. Current research indicates that one in ten children have had sex by the age of thirteen.
  33. The inability to conceive or carry a child to term after one or more live births is known as
  34. Why should believers strive for sexual purity in a sexually fallen world?
  35. The most powerful predictors of teen sexual experimentation are most closely related to the fulfillment of which two inherent needs in humans?
  36. The solution to infertility is adoption.
  37. Values are communicated and passed on through
  38. Agape love is based on a choice.
  39. A relationship is more eros than agape if any area passes beyond the level of commitment.
  40. Counseling couples struggling with infertility primarily involves dealing with
  41. The definition of sex has changed with the shifting culture. What is included in today’s definition of sex according to most singles and teenagers?
  42. According to Dr. Jones, the goal of Christian sex education is
  43. Whenever sexual sin occurs between two people, it is always the fault of both parties.
  44. Integrity is appearing above reproach at all costs.
  45. In a professional relationship, who is responsible to make sure that abuse does not take place?
  46. Which social factor has caused the demographic shift in the single population over the past century?
  47. Eros love is love for a person.
  48. How many couples at childbearing age experience infertility difficulties?
  49. Infertility can often be solved if both partners (particularly the woman) will relax more during sexual intercourse.
  50. Sexual abuse or harassment is defined by any inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, including verbal advances, “friendly” pats, and “accidentally” brushing against someone’s body.
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