SUBS 609 Exam 4

SUBS 609 Exam 4 Liberty University

  1. Sex addicts confuse sexual acts with genuine intimacy.
  2. Depending on the nature of the sexual activity, sex can be used as a mood elevator or relaxant.
  3. People are safe letting their guard down in opposite sex relationships as long as they are participating in a ministry event together.
  4. When a man stops looking at sexually impure material, his wife will become more attractive to him.
  5. Couples are more likely to remain happy after their children leave home if they have communicated to their children that mom and dad’s relationship is first priority by spending time alone together and regularly spending money on their marriage while the children were at home.
  6. The fact that many sexual addicts want to stop but can’t, expresses which component of the definition of sexual addiction?
  7. Accountability is most effective when it is proactive and preventative in nature.
  8. With men, the visual is sexual foreplay.
  9. Which of the following is not one of the five dimensions of healthy sexuality?
  10. The wife who needs control in sex usually has a history of an alcoholic parent or an out-of-control home.
  11. A person with a past history of infidelity in his/her family is more likely to have an affair than a person without a family history of infidelity.
  12. In helping sex addicts, Dr. Laaser recommends that counselors start by asking the diagnostic question
  13. Men who have friendships with the opposite sex often improve the communication in their own marriage by learning how to talk openly with another woman.
  14. Sex always works best if the man leads.
  15. Low testosterone levels can affect desire, arousal, and orgasm in both men and women.
  16. Dyspareunia or pain during intercourse usually has psychological etiology and should not be taken seriously.
  17. Based on Jesus’ encounter with the adulterous woman in the gospels, the appropriate response of a Christian toward a woman struggling with sexual addiction is
  18. A time for healing is necessary when there has been sexual abuse in one’s past.
  19. Childhood sexual abuse occurs in 1 in ____ women and 1 in _____ men before the age of 18.
  20. The best way to help an abuse victim understand God’s love is to
  21. According to Carder, at what time or point of life change is a marriage at highest risk for an affair?
  22. A husband who ties his wife’s sexual response and desire to his self-esteem creates a healthy relational environment that is more likely to protect the marriage from infidelity.
  23. Job 31:1 is an example of Job making a commitment with his
  24. To respond to a survivor of childhood sexual abuse in the most helpful way, counselors should
  25. To work with an abuser is to work with a deceiver; counselors and people helpers must be prepared to discern true repentance from lies.
  26. Less than ten percent of couples struggle with sexual dysfunction.
  27. Sexual abuse and assault victims struggle spiritually because
  28. Female sex addicts are prone to suffer from
  29. What are the roots of most female sexual addiction?
  30. Sexual assault is illegal in all 50 states.
  31. In the Bible, Judah had an adulterous affair primarily as a result of his:
  32. Sexual molestation during childhood generally reduces the risk of infidelity in marriage.
  33. The two most common emotions sex addicts experience that contribute to their addiction are
  34. What word picture/illustration does Arterburn use to describe men’s minds?
  35. When treating a man with erectile dysfunction, it is important to recognize that other medical illnesses may be present.
  36. Making a commitment with one’s heart toward sexual purity involves:
  37. One of the consequences of sexual addiction is the negative impact it has on a woman’s children.
  38. It is a healthy habit to talk openly with one’s spouse about the kind of person he/she could potentially be attracted to.
  39. Sexual addiction is really not about sex at all—it is about a desperate search for love, touch, attention and affirmation.
  40. According to Arterburn’s three perimeters, what are the three lines of defense a man needs to have in place to win the battle for sexual purity?
  41. When working through retraining therapy for premature ejaculation, it is important that the man signal his wife to apply the squeeze several levels before he is about to ejaculate.
  42. Sex addicts should not dishonor their parents by bringing up shameful past family histories in order to find healing for themselves.
  43. Recovering from sexual addiction is a fairly simple and brief process.
  44. Which attitude is essential in recovering and healing from sexual addiction?
  45. Adults with a history of ADHD are more susceptible to affairs because of their need for attention.
  46. Over time, sexual addiction will get worse as a result of a physical reaction in the brain known as
  47. Sexual addictions are the result of neurological processes in the brain and, therefore, are not the responsibility of the offender.
  48. Failure to report sexual abuse as a counselor is punishable by law.
  49. For a man, sexual ___________ means that all of his sexual gratification comes from his wife (or future wife) and her alone.
  50. According to Rick Warren’s survey on, how many of the pastors surveyed admitted to viewing a pornographic web site in the last year?
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