EDUC 703 Quiz Atlantic World

EDUC 703 Quiz Atlantic World

  1. Which culture was most isolated in the fteenth-century Atlantic world?
  2. The Niger River Valley had Islamic universities in the fteenth century.
  3. Which one of the factors below is not true of fteenth-century Europe?
  4. Luther was highly critical of those listed below except for which one?
  5. Luther proposed government-sponsored education.
  6. Which educational thinker had the strongest impact on Puritan education of New England?
  7. What philosophy of education did Ignatius Loyola propagate through the missionary efforts of the Society of Jesus?
  8. In South America, which Spanish settlement became a hub of learning in the sixteenth and seventeenth century, known by its universities, printing press, and economic strength?
  9. When King Afonso I of Kongo invited the Jesuit missionaries to his kingdom, what religion was he already practicing?
  10. What characteristic best describes Atlantic Creoles in the context of plantation culture of the New World?
  11. SHORT ESSAY: Choose one of the options below. Respond in a brief essay of one or two paragraphs (8 points).

OPTION 1: Describe how the doctrine of the “priesthood of all believers” inuenced the concept of mass education for all—male and female, rich and poor, nobility and commoners.

OPTION 2: What did it mean in the era of the Protestant Reformation to be a Christian Humanist and what impact did the Christian Humanists have on the philosophy of education?

OPTION 3: How does the life and work of Rebecca Protten serve as a model of social responsibility for educators?

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