PSYC 309 Quiz Sexual Problems

PSYC 309 Quiz: Sexual Problems and Infidelity

  1. If the woman responds to the first hug with discomfort, the man acting from pure intent is not accountable for his behavior because it was limited contact.
  2. Marital sexual fulfillment will be high when there is
  3. Ray Anderson (2004) has suggested that Adam and Eve’s human encounter as man and woman and their distinctive task of being a man or woman affirms what?
  4. The words “by agreement” are translated from the Greek with the same root meaning from which symphony is derived with the idea of
  5. Family therapist Cloe Madanes (1995) addresses the impact of sexual abuse on the family system. She sees sexual abuse as what in the heart of the child?
  6. Sexual harassment of males is reported in the context of power differentials. Men report being most threatened by coercive behavior that challenges what?
  7. By broadening the definition of infidelity to include as well as sexual involvement, recent research also takes into account the subjective aspects of adultery found in Jesus’ teachings.
  8. According to the text, the partnership formed by husband and wife is an entity that goes far beyond what each one can accomplish alone.
  9. What is one way identified in the text that parents can create a protective home environment?
  10. The process of addressing the wrong of sexual harassment is called
  11. What does sin consist of according to the text
  12. While covenant provides security, establishes an atmosphere in which spouses can reach their full potential because. With this in mind, accepting a spouse just as he or she is means also accepting their sexual value system.
  13. Sexual abuse, whether done by a family member or a stranger, whether a single act or ongoing pattern, cuts to the very core of a child.
  14. Forgiveness is
  15. What is defined in the text as a sexual act imposed on a child or person who emotional, maturational and/or cognitive development
  16. What is identified as an important factor in determining sexual harassment?
  17. Which of the following are identified in the text as causes of infiadelity?
  18. Old Testament laws were expressed in a patriarchal, polygamous culture where husbands had the right to take and divorce as many wives as they wished as long as these sexual options were within a legal marriage contract.
  19. According to the text, intercourse is only regarded as an external act impacting oneself and one’s spouse.
  20. A characteristic of incestuous families is emotional disconnection and inability to empathize with others
  21. The nature of marriage changes when people raise their level of differentiation in
  22. What is the first step identified in the text in the healing process from abuse?
  23. Sexual disclosure and vulnerability opens spouses up to what?
  24. When a daughter is sexually abused by her father, she is often
  25. Some spouses have difficulty being sexually intimate because of significant unresolved conflicts in the marriage.
  26. What type of sin does the Bible speak of in Exodus 20:5 and Deuteronomy 5:9?
  27. What is identified as a solution to preventing extramarital affairs?
  28. Emotional sharing with someone of the opposite gender is more likely to lead to
  29. Jesus illustrates the balance of justice and mercy in Matthew 5:38- 39 which says
  30. How does one maintain passionate sex as mentioned in the text?
  31. Feeling inadequate to meet the spouse’s needs, affairs often provides a new focus and becomes an escape route to personal growth and real differentiation. Idealization of a new relationship ames what about oneself?
  32. Most people settle for ______ rather than ______ sex.
  33. According to the work of Berdahl and Moore (2006), who experiences the most sexual harassment?
  34. Intellectual intimacy is always threatening to a spouse.
  35. The evolutionary adaptation process explains sexual harassment in terms of adaptation to reproductive
  36. Which of the following is not identified in the text as the three-stage process following the disclosure of infidelity?
  37. According to the text, sexual harassment is technically not a sexual offense.
  38. Some children may block out memories of being sexually abused in order to
  39. How can an affair also be viewed, even though it can have devastating effects upon a marriage?
  40. Which comparison is made in the text regarding marital sexuality?
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