EDUC 700 Quiz 3

EDUC 700 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. What three items of information are required when directly quoting a source?
  2. Quotations of how many words or greater need to be formatted as a block quote?
  3. Plagiarism in higher education may be attributed to:
  4. Which reference is correctly formatted per APA?
  5. Which term is correctper APA and the Americans with Disabilities Act?
  6. Which sentence is formatted correctly per APA?
  7. When citing more than one source, how should multiple sources be organized?
  8. APA is not just about proper structure and formatting, but also writing style.
  9. When introducing an acronym for the first time, you should present the acronym first and put the full term in parentheses: HE (higher education)
  10. According to APA, you should never use first person when referencing steps taken in your experiment.
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