EDUC 700 Quiz 2

EDUC 700 Quiz 2 Liberty

  1. As an online student, how can you access scholarly book content?
  2. To find department-specific sources and subscription databases for areas such as Education, Business, Counseling & Psychology, etc., where did we say to look?
  3. What resource is a catalog of books, providing publisher information, suggested citations and noting whether a book is available in a library near you?
  4. If a “Get it @ LU” page says Liberty does not have online access to a specific journal article you want, what can you do?
  5. When “snowballing” search terms, we suggested trying to determine the subject heading that indexers standardly use for that particular topic.  (For instance, the standard subject heading for the death penalty is “capital punishment.”) If you can determine the official assigned subject heading for your topic and include it in your search, you will typically obtain the best results. Which of these terms was the official assigned subject heading in our sample search?
  6. Which of the following is NOT something for which we normally use dissertations?
  7. If you find an article or a book in a bibliography, where might you look to see if Liberty has online access to that source and whether others have later cited it?
  8. After you do a search in our journal databases, you can add additional limiters.  Which of these limiters did we recommend you NOT use?
  9. Suppose you choose to do a phenomenological study for your dissertation. Which database might you use to provide reference materials to help you justify that choice and understand how to conduct such a study?
  10. The search string ((college OR universit* OR higher education OR postsecondary OR graduate) AND (Christian* OR relig* OR faith OR Protestant OR evangelical)) is an example of using which two search strategies?
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