PSYC 309 Quiz Sexuality & Relationships

PSYC 309 Quiz: Sexuality & Relationships

  1. Many couples decide to cohabit for the convenience and companionship with a chosen partner to
  2. Old Testament laws were expressed in a patriarchal, polygamous culture where husbands had the right to take and divorce as many wives as they wished as long as these sexual options were within a legal marriage contract.
  3. By broadening the definition of infidelity to include ________ as well as sexual involvement, recent research also takes into account the subjective aspects of adultery found in Jesus’ teachings.
  4. Virginity pledges are an effective universal strategy to prevent premarital sex.
  5. What are the average ages of first sexual experience for boys and girls, respectively?
  6. Ray Anderson (2004) has suggested that Adam and Eve’s human encounter as man and woman and their distinctive task of being a man or woman arms what?
  7. Marriage is a time when two persons:
  8. According to the text, perhaps our society makes it more dicult for a couple to have a ceremony because
  9. According to the authors, the discerning point about physical touch is
  10. Which of the following is NOT recognized as one of the four premarital sexual standards held in the United States today?
  11. Most people settle for ______ rather than ______ sex.
  12. A study based on a nationally representative sample of women by Teachman (2003) found that premarital sex and premarital cohabitation are predictive of marital dissolution, but only for those who had sex or cohabited with men other than their future husband.
  13. During the _____, the mate-selection process in Western societies moved to a new stage, referred to as rational/romantic love.
  14. Some spouses have difficulty being sexually intimate because of significant unresolved conflicts in the marriage.
  15. Which of the following are the two types of behavior most correlated with teenagers delaying sexual intercourse?
  16. What is identified as a solution to preventing extramarital affairs?
  17. James Olthuis (1975) argues that Scripture calls for six main conditions to be present between two persons who want to join their lives together.
  18. Being compassionate rather than judgmental comes from the assurance that ______ is/are the final judge and loves most fully.
  19. According to the text, the partnership formed by husband and wife is an entity that goes far beyond what each one can accomplish alone.
  20. The covenantal basis for Christian marriage is modeled after the covenant that God made with who?
  21. Feeling inadequate to meet the spouse’s needs, affairs often provides a new focus and becomes an escape route to personal growth and real differentiation. Idealization of a new relationship flames what about oneself?
  22. While covenant provides security, ______ establishes an atmosphere in which spouses can reach their full potential because. With this in mind, accepting a spouse just as he or she is means also accepting their sexual value system.
  23. Nock (1994) found that cohabiters expressed _____ levels of commitment to and happiness with their relationships and had ______ relationships with their parents.
  24. In more accepting cultures, cohabitation is distinguished from marriage as
  25. When a couple engages in sexual intercourse without sharing a mutual covenant commitment, the church should lovingly help them understand how the biblical concept of covenant commitment can enhance their relationship.
  26. The text states that the wisdom of making commitments within a believing community is especially noticeable during times of trouble. A couple depends on others to keep them resilient when what comes their way as identified in the text?
  27. What does sin consist of according to the text
  28. The recent AIDs epidemic is related to which premarital sexual standard?
  29. According to the text, intercourse is only regarded as an external act impacting oneself and one’s spouse.
  30. How many Christian responses to cohabitation are identified in the text?
  31. Which of the following are identified in the text as causes of infidelity?
  32. Intellectual intimacy is always threatening to a spouse.
  33. The idea of a couple needing to make their commitment before a community of believers before they are married in God’s sight is not a scriptural directive.
  34. Which of the following is not identified in the text as the three-stage process following the disclosure of infidelity?
  35. Which comparison is made in the text regarding marital sexuality?
  36. Which of the following are wrong reasons for sexual involvement?
  37. The nature of marriage changes when people raise their level of differentiation in
  38. Sexual disclosure and vulnerability opens spouses up to what?
  39. Our gospel must be full of what?
  40. How can an affair also be viewed, even though it can have devastating effects upon a marriage?
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