GLST 385 Quiz 4

GLST 385 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. According to Chesed Dent, the Bible encourages us to aggressively seek out opportunities to engage in spiritual warfare.
  2. Paul Heibert discusses challenges working in India due to his own Western thinking and failures to factor in what he calls:
  3. Heibert and Newbigin contend that a two-tiered worldview of Christianity has actually been a secularizing force in the world.
  4. The power the apostles utilized to engage demonic spirits was the name of Jesus.
  5. According to our textbook, __________________ occurs when missionaries get caught up in wars and natural disasters or in localized occurrences such as armed robberies, rapes and kidnappings.
  6. Heibert points out that once we understand the supernatural world, we will be equipped to develop formulas for controlling the powers around us to bend to our wills.
  7. The word in the Greek for martyrdom is closely associated with:
  8. Many Bible translators are understanding that:
  9. Leanne Payne argues that spiritual mapping is a Biblical concept that the apostle Paul defended on several occasions.
  10. It is estimated that as many as __________________ people are currently being enslaved globally.
  11. According to Heibert a Holistic theology addresses the high level with a __________________ encounter.
  12. The use of symbols in communicating the gospel is becoming more prevalent since symbols are transcultural.
  13. Spiritual Warfare can be connected to the spiritual, emotional, cognitive and physical dimensions.
  14. Given the depleted finances and resources available, many “long-term missionaries” need to consider:
  15. Home assignments were formerly called “furloughs,” but this term is seldom used since it is a poor descriptor that creates expectations of a leave from active service.
  16. SLSW is an acronym for:
  17. In discussing re-entry shock, which of the following is not one of the areas of change that our textbook cited:
  18. According to Heibert a Holistic theology addresses the lower level with a __________________ encounter.
  19. Spiritual warfare prayer and evangelism are the same thing.
  20. Our textbook described 3 categories for re-entry which included all but:
  21. Chesed Dent noted that if you prepare properly it is possible to avoid reverse culture shock.
  22. Several relief organizations estimate that _______________ people die from hunger and poverty every day.
  23. Foyle argues that those who are fully committed to missions must be willing to “burn out for God.”
  24. World Vision of Australia reports that girls and women are impacted by poverty more than men.
  25. According to Heibert a Holistic theology addresses the middle level with a __________________ encounter.
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