PSYC 309 Quiz Sexual Brokenness

PSYC 309 Quiz: Sexual Brokenness

  1. According to the text, what is a sponsor’s role in the treatment process?
  2. What type of training has been identified as an effective way of assisting women against sexual aggression?
  3. The twentieth century can be labeled
  4. According to the text, what do individuals need to live consistently sexually authentic lives?
  5. How many perspectives were introduced in the text to explain date rape?
  6. While there is generally consensus about sexuality in modern industrialized societies, there is considerably less consensus in traditional societies.
  7. The text differentiates between pornography and erotica. According to the text, pornography ________, while erotica
  8. Until ten years ago, rape was rarely reported or even openly discussed.
  9. Which of the following is not a category of sexual material on the Internet identified by Fisher and Barak (2001)?
  10. Rape-prone cultures tolerate rationalizations for rape such as
  11. What does the Greek root for pornography mean?
  12. What is identified in the text as spiritual help activities?
  13. The first step to empowering an individual is a conscious decision the survivor makes that the rape experience will no longer have a disarming power over his or her life.
  14. Which of the following is not an example of physical symptoms expressed in the text after rape?
  15. According to the text, sexual addiction was popularized by the writings of Patrick Carnes.
  16. Which of the following is not one of the three views Christianity sheds on the topic of masturbation?
  17. Postmodernists reject the general laws of nature as grounds for accepting or rejecting sexual morality, because reality is viewed as multilayered, with many ways of knowing.
  18. When married, it is recommended that recovery from sexual addiction not be joined with marital therapy as this could further harm the relationship.
  19. According to the text, rapists have what kind of attitude toward women on the person level?
  20. Erotic material is often
  21. Since the term addiction has becomes a commonplace in modern society, it is necessary to examine whether this merely replaces the notion of sin.
  22. What is mentioned in the text as the ultimate goal of treatment to help sexual addicts?
  23. Although telling youth to “just say no” to sex is a ______ response, bringing a strong rationale for practicing sexual abstinence is a _______ response.
  24. What are two major ways mentioned in the text that pornography affects the viewer?
  25. A woman’s ______ symbolizes her integrated sense of self-worth.
  26. The important criterion in trying to distinguish between pornography and erotica is the _______ or ______, not necessarily the degree of sexual explicitness.
  27. Excessive expressions of sexuality can most notably be found in the form of the ___________ of nonsexual aspects of life and social relationships.
  28. What are some beneficiary experiences that rape survivors can benet from?
  29. During New Testament times, people associated themselves with two main groups: politeia and oikonomia. What does the text mention these refer to?
  30. According to research, the text states that clergy are more vulnerable to pornography or other addictions compared to laypersons.
  31. According to the authors of the text, the Old Testament concept of _______ is a theologically appropriate way to describe a sexually authentic society.
  32. What is the last stage of the “Control/Out-of-Control Pattern before the cycle restarts?
  33. According to the text, a type of impersonal social environment has caused an increasing number of persons to feel like they belong to a
  34. Sexual violence of any kind is an extreme form of ________ sexuality.
  35. The authors believe that dehumanization is a violation of the value God places on human life and sexuality, however, pornography does not always dehumanize.
  36. The authors of the text believe that the difference in sexual behavior between males and females results from unhealthy aspects in the tradition definition of feminism.
  37. Based on telephone interviews of 1,501 children aged 10-17, it was reported that most seekers of pornography are
  38. For most people, ______ is the central arena in which sexual behavior and norms are taught and modeled.
  39. Pornography’s expansion into ______ has led to relativism in determining and defining it.
  40. Some people believe pornography serves a positive purpose in relieving feelings and desires that can lead to harmful effects if acted out. This is referred to as what?
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