PHYS 103 Quiz Refraction of Light

PHYS 103 Quiz: Refraction of Light

  1. The index of refraction for vacuum is
  2. A tangent line is parallel to a normal line
  3. A normal line is perpendicular to the interface between material.
  4. If one measures the index of refraction to be 1.1, this material would be
  5. When we make multiple measurements, we can have more confidence in the index of refraction
  6. The index of refraction has units of distance.
  7. The imaginary line perpendicular to the incident ray onto a materials interface is known as a
  8. The speed of light is constant regardless of the material
  9. The angles used in Snell’s law are always
  10. Snell’s law helps us to determine
  11. It is possible to exceed the speed of light in a vacuum
  12. There is a special case when the index of refraction is less than 1.
  13. The higher density a material the
  14. The index of refraction for water is
  15. The speed of light in a vacuum is
  16. The speed of light
  17. The higher the index of refraction the
  18. The speed of light slows in water.
  19. The index of refraction is unitless.
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