PHYS 103 Quiz Newton’s Second Law

PHYS 103 Quiz: Newton’s Second Law

  1. The property of an object to either stay in motion or stay at rest is related to inertia.
  2. The sum of forces applied to an object is known as
  3. Which of the following is NOT one of newton’s three laws?
  4. Newton’s first law of Motion is most closely related to an object’s
  5. Kinematics equations tells us the position of an object under constant acceleration increases linearly with time.
  6. Net force is the
  7. The units of force (N) can be written with the following units
  8. The gravitational constant is a measure of velocity.
  9. Weight is an example of a force.
  10. Newton’s second law of Motion is related to an object’s
  11. A Newton is a measure of
  12. Momentum is directly proportional to an object’s
  13. An object in free-fall has a zero net force.
  14. A non-zero force applied to an object implies
  15. An object at rest has a velocity that is zero.
  16. When a free falling mass is doubled, which statement is most true?
  17. When we make measurements, we make multiple trials to help us reduce errors in measurement.
  18. An object in motion must have a force applied that is non-zero.
  19. The gravitational constant would change if we were standing on the moon.
  20. The weight of an object is the same as the object’s mass.
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