EDUC 606 Quiz 3

EDUC 606 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. A well designed criterion-referenced test:
  2. For an item to match its objective
  3. Reacher wants to know if his class is achieving at an above or below average rate. Which type of test will help him to get this information?
  4. The following list contains important criteria for evaluating instructional objectives with one exception. Which of the following is NOT an essential standard for evaluating instructional objectives?
  5. In a criterion-referenced test, we are interested in:
  6. The essential difference between the knowledge level and the comprehension level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is that at the knowledge level one is asked to
  7. Which of the following is one of the functions of a test blueprint?
  8. According to the text, which of the folloing is NOTone of the components of a well-written behavioral objective?
  9. The term to describe the extent to which test items match a teacher’s instructional objective is:
  10. Educational objectives should guide classroom activities and evaluation. To accomplish this effectively, the objectives should be:
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