EDUC 606 Quiz 8

EDUC 606 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. Inferences about individuals based on the results of group data on the stability of intelligence test scores may be misleading because:
  2. A pupil’s science achievement score is one standard deviation below the national norm. Which of the following most accurately describes her performance?
  3. You are interested in finding out how well a child in your class is doing, compared to students in other schools. Which of the following types of tests should you use?
  4. Which of the following is true of norm-referenced achievement tests?
  5. The Wechsler Full Scale IQ is an example of:
  6. Most standardized test publishers today distribute reports like the “Criterion-Reference Skills Analysis” included in your text. While such reports contain a wealth of information, they often are ignored because the
  7. Which of the following types of test results may be given to parents without interpretation?
  8. “High-stakes” testing refers to the use of standardized test results alone or in combination with other measures to make educational decisions that:
  9. Which of the following represents the highest degree of relative performance?
  10. As contrasted with various separate achievement tests in the same subjects and obtained from different test publishers, a survey achievement battery yields derived scores for the same school subjects which are more likely to be:
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