EDUC 606 Quiz 7

EDUC 606 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. This reliability coefficient is usually greater over a short time than a long term:
  2. The biggest obstacle to determining a test’s predictive validity is
  3. This form of validity requires a time interval for its determination:
  4. This involves the administration of two different tests at two different times.
  5. Instead of giving a test to a single grade level, it is administered to the whole school. The reliability coefficient will:
  6. A teacher has just computed the reliability of a test she’s made after a single administration.  What kind of reliability did she compute?
  7. The standard error of measurement is closely related to:
  8. The standard error of measurement on a test is:
  9. The purpose for interpreting a test score as a band of scores, rather than a specific value, is to:
  10. The correlation between test scores and a criterion is a measure of
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