EDUC 604 Quiz Equal Educational

EDUC 604 Quiz: Providing Equal Educational Opportunity

  1. Studies by Christopher Jencks revealed that there is little evidence that school reform efforts
  2. The students most likely to attend college are those with
  3. The new working class is best identified as _________________.
  4. Increasing polarization of the African American population is especially evident in
  5. Which statement accurately describes trends in the African American community?
  6. Homogeneous grouping of low achievers has some drawbacks because teachers often
  7. Research indicates that the achievement of rural students is hampered by
  8. Your mother argues that schools are the best route to success. She says, “If you want to get ahead in life, then get as much education as you can.” Your mother’s views are most similar to those of
  9. Horace Mann’s work established that __________________.
  10. Educators who adopt the environmentalist position concerning the development of intelligence would probably support
  11. helps explain why some students with low socioeconomic status refuse to conform to school expectations or to comply with their teacher’s demands.
  12. Technical workers, technicians, and sales personnel would probably be in the
  13. Studies show that when working-class students accept academically oriented school norms, they
  14. Advocates of resistance theory maintain that working-class students show resistance in schools partly because school norms and expectations
  15. The _______________________ are often the third or fourth generation to live in poverty and depend on public assistance.
  16. Latino and African American students
  17. Compensatory school programs target
  18. Civil rights leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King, were sparked by __________to challenge racial discrimination.
  19. Recent changes have improved Title I by
  20. In big cities, an underlying cause of many segregation problems has been
  21. Two Native American students have just joined the class. You want to foster mutual respect for cultural differences among your students, as well as enhance the learning of your two new students. Which of the following might help you the most?
  22. Up until about 1960, subcultures in the United States were expected to
  23. The movement toward cultural pluralism in this country reflects the need to
  24. The disproportionate placement of minority students in classes for the mentally retarded could be attributed to
  25. Early research on mainstreaming and inclusion indicates that
  26. Desegregation and integration are different in that only integration includes
  27. Research on teaching in “African-American English” or other dialects has shown that
  28. required the use of separate public facilities and services for African Americans.
  29. In 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that school districts
  30. Which of the following concepts is most closely related to inclusion?
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