EDUC 604 Quiz Legal Aspects

EDUC 604 Quiz: Legal Aspects, Culture, Socialization, and Education

  1. Teachers who have tenure
  2. Excessive punishment of students is in violation of
  3. A state’s view on teacher strikes is that __________________.
  4. Most cases involving elementary or secondary education are filed in which courts?
  5. An elementary school requires students’ parents to sign a consent form prior to any field trip or activity off the school grounds. Legally, such consent forms can be used to
  6. Court rulings indicate that before a student is suspended, the student should be
  7. Court rulings indicate that when they are establishing dress codes for students, schools should
  8. The ultimate authority for prohibiting corporal punishment rests with the
  9. The property interests of tenured teachers for continued employment are based on the
  10. When identifying and enforcing standards of conduct, teachers have
  11. You know a tenured teacher who was recently fired for insubordination. She is suing her district for damages, claiming that she was not insubordinate and that the district’s action has done irreparable damage to her good name, reputation, and integrity. This case is most likely to focus on
  12. Tenure protects teachers from dismissal except on _____________grounds.
  13. Citizens are guaranteed the right of free speech and expression in the U.S. Constitution’s
  14. The precedent set in the case of Honig v. Doe established that disabled students
  15. Extensive video surveillance can violate the student’s __________________.
  16. When questions arise about whether a teacher’s right to free expression is protected, a major concern is whether the behavior in question
  17. In cases involving teachers’ freedom of expression, courts have considered
  18. Based on the research of John Goodlad, when students were asked, “What is the one best thing about this school?” students most often replied,
  19. Which of the following may contribute to the increase in suicide rates among children in the United States?
  20. According to much of the research on student roles, which of the following children is most likely to be perceived by teachers as a “model” student?
  21. Hurried child syndrome may result when parents of young children overemphasize
  22. Because teachers reward passive behavior, elementary-school boys often
  23. According to Coleman’s study in 1961, students with high prestige in high school include
  24. Often, homeless children who attend school
  25. Institutional and social realities encourage students to
  26. Because of the numerous professional demands placed on teachers, educators are calling for
  27. A nuclear family can be described as one that
  28. An individual who is prepared to function first as a young person and then as an adult is
  29. When dealing with bullies, a school might best
  30. Which social institution has been identified as having become less influential as a socializing force over the past several decades?
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