EDUC 604 Quiz Curriculum

EDUC 604 Quiz: Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Schools interested in proposing a curriculum consistent with A Nation at Risk would probably offer
  2. The major effect of the Soviet satellite Sputnik on American education was
  3. Behavioral or performance objectives often focus on _____________.
  4. A new focus on outcomes that measured academic results in a child’s education led to
  5. forced change in the school curriculum by steering children towards science and math.
  6. A “high stakes” test is one where the results
  7. School district goals should be based on input from
  8. The whole-child concept emphasizes
  9. Objectives are usually prepared at the __________ level.
  10. developed an outline for the development and implementation of school goals in the late 1940s.
  11. The launching of Sputnik rocked the foundations of the United States government, citizenry, and educational system during which period of American history?
  12. By the 1980s, the attention of national policy reports focused on the needs of which group of students who have tended to be ignored in national priorities for education?
  13. Educational policy reports in the mid-1980s emphasized
  14. Goals serve as a guide for developing
  15. detailed policies and procedures for including children with disabilities in a regular classroom.
  16. The greatest responsibility for curriculum development falls on
  17. A course on environmental protection is most likely to be a component of which curriculum approach?
  18. The ultimate goal of curriculum is to develop learners willing to
  19. High-school study of English, mathematics, the sciences, history, foreign languages, and geography is central to the
  20. Subject-centered approaches to curriculum tend to be easier to implement than student-centered approaches because
  21. The back-to-basics curriculum has been criticized because it
  22. In ________________, students are introduced to lesson content at home.
  23. is a teaching technique that addresses a wide range of differences that exist among students in today’s classrooms.
  24. Captain Underpants and The Bluest Eye are examples of ________.
  25. Kevin is on the curriculum development committee for a new school in his district. He believes that schools should focus on cultivating the intellect, instilling timeless values, and presenting the classics. What kind of curriculum is Kevin most likely to support?
  26. Textbooks tend to lack detail in which of the following primary areas?
  27. Among American citizens, approximately ________ % communicate in a language other than English at home.
  28. Partnership for 21st Century Skills represents the push towards curriculum that better prepares students for
  29. Which of the following statements about the role of textbooks in curriculum is most accurate?
  30. New studies suggest that the core curriculum
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