EDUC 604 Quiz Governing

EDUC 604 Quiz: Governing, Administering, and Financing Public Education

  1. Which of the following statements best describes the nature of the governance and administration of public schools in the United States?
  2. Some of the largest school districts in the nation enroll ____________students in more than ___________ schools.
  3. Educational opportunities for all citizens, with responsibility shared with various community institutions is called
  4. School board members are usually selected by
  5. Instructional leadership is a primary responsibility of the _______________, who often collaborates with stakeholders to make “data-driven decisions.”
  6. Jan was just hired as school district superintendent, and her duties are many and varied. Which of the following duties is likely to be the most relevant to her ability to keep her job?
  7. As described in chapter 7, a 1987 study led by two researchers concluded that an ideal high school should enroll ___________students to be most effective.
  8. Private and parochial schools are not exempt from state legislation concerning
  9. Implementing the laws of the state legislature is the responsibility of the
  10. When considering school reform, which federal law has had the largest impact on reform since the wave of school reforms in 1957?
  11. Authority for approval in the hiring of new teachers rests with the
  12. The functioning of the state department of education is most directly affected by the actions of the
  13. Local school districts have been delegated powers and duties by the
  14. The combination of a number of smaller school districts into one or two larger ones is called
  15. An elected community school board functioning in conjunction with a central school board is an example of
  16. The purpose of educational vouchers is to
  17. Teachers and administrators are being held accountable for their actions because of pressure primarily from
  18. Districts with a high number of students with special needs would lobby for state educational funding based on the
  19. The level of government that pays the highest percentage of total school revenues is the
  20. The property tax rate is expressed in
  21. The largest portion of revenue for the schools is generated from
  22. The level of government that relies on the property tax as the main source of income is
  23. Municipal overburden is a term used to indicate
  24. One of the increasing trends in funding for education is the growth of the ___________ population, who may no longer have a vested interest in increasing taxes for school.
  25. Recent reform efforts in school funding, such as tuition tax credits, voucher plans, and choice plans, are evidence that
  26. State court decisions affecting financial support of public education have sent the message that
  27. Your state is trying to implement a hotly contested new finance plan that would transfer funds from wealthy districts to poor ones. Those who support the plan probably base their arguments on which of the following issues?
  28. Given the history of federal funding of education, it is most accurate to say that
  29. Taxpayer resistance has called for educators to be more
  30. Asbury Elementary School needs an after-school child-care center. Of the following types of revenue, which is best suited (and perhaps easiest to attain) for support of this project?
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