BIBL 364 Discussion 3

BIBL 364 Discussion 3 Liberty University

Topic: Paul

  1. Did Paul die when he was stoned in Lystra? What is the evidence for each position, yes and no? Paul’s testimony in 2 Corinthians 12 is often associated with this event. Is that valid? What are the reasons why it should or should not be associated with his stoning?
  2. Fresh on the heels of the Jerusalem Council, Paul insists on circumcising Timothy. Why would he consider this necessary? Was Paul being hypocritical, since the Council had just determined Gentiles need not be circumcised for salvation?
  3. Acts 14 and 17 give us our only real biblical examples of the way the gospel was presented to pagans by the Apostolic witnesses. To what “witness” do the messages appeal? What is the significance of general revelation for bringing someone to Christ? Is general revelation sufficient to bring someone to salvation? (Consider Romans 1 in your answer.)
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