SCOM 110 Discussion 1

Topic: New Media
Consider the current and near-future impact of mobile computing devices, such as Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle, and how we will consume media content. Then, respond to each of these questions.

1. Do these devices offer more consumer control and access or are we ceding some control over the next evolution in media content to a few large media companies?
2. Do today’s evolving media content and mobility options increase or decrease the quality and value of the media we have available to use as consumers?
3. Some pundits want us to see–and either accept or resist–the emergence of web-based “new” media as the eventual death of “old” media. However, history teaches us that innovations don’t necessarily kill old media platforms–or do they? Television did not kill radio, the Internet is not necessarily killing the feature film industry, the Internet has not killed the music industry–or has it?
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