BIBL 364 Quiz The Church in Jerusalem

BIBL 364 Quiz: The Church in Jerusalem

  1. To what is the Holy Spirit most characteristically linked in the book of Acts?
  2. Acts tells us that the main subject of Jesus’ teaching between His resurrection and ascension was
  3. Ger concludes that the Apostles were mistaken in asking whether the kingdom was about to be restored to Israel because God was finished with national Israel and the church has replaced Israel as the people of God.
  4. Acts traces the advance of the gospel witness from Jerusalem to Spain.
  5. According to Ger, the key word in Acts is “power.”
  6. Acts is addressed to Theophilus, whose name means “lover of God” or “beloved of God.” Ger concludes that he was not a real person, but that the meaning of the name indicates that the book was written for the church (all those who love and are loved by God).
  7. Ger believes that the assembly of Christ’s followers erred in designating Matthias to fill Judas’s apostolic position, which the Spirit later revealed rightly belonged to Paul.
  8. Ger states that the protagonist or “main player in the” narrative of Acts is ____________.
  9. According to Ger, Peter began his speech in Solomon’s Colonnade by assuring the people that the lame beggar had not been healed by the personal power of John or Peter.
  10. Ger states that ______________ in Acts is the possession of utter confidence that Jesus is the Messiah.
  11. What is the title for Jesus that occurs most frequently in Acts?
  12. According to Ger, who was the actual, reigning high priest at the time of the birth of the church?
  13. Ger says that “breaking of bread” in Acts 2:42-27 refers to
  14. According to Ger, Peter used a number of titles for Jesus in his sermon on Solomon’s Colonnade. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
  15. According to Ger, the actual evidence for the speaking in tongues in Acts 2 as being real, known languages is ambiguous.
  16. According to Fowler, Acts is less concerned with when Jesus will return than with
  17. According to Fowler, all of the major themes of Acts “congregate in the first two chapters of the book.”
  18. According to Fowler, in how many chapters of Acts is prayer found?
  19. According to Fowler, “New Israel” or “the Remnant” seems to be the primary agency for taking the gospel to the Mediterranean world.
  20. According to Rasberry, which letters of Paul were written during his second mission?
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