BIBL 364 Quiz The Gospel to Judea and Samaria

BIBL 364 Quiz: The Gospel to Judea and Samaria

  1. According to Ger, the Seven are the first elders of the church in Jerusalem.
  2. Peter and the Twelve deny the accusation of the Hellenists that their widows were being neglected in the daily distribution.
  3. According to Ger, how many charges were made against Stephen before the Sanhedrin?
  4. According to Ger, why did Peter ask Sapphira whether she and her husband had sold the property for a certain amount?
  5. Immediately following the appointment of the Seven, Luke describes Stephen’s activities of
  6. According to Ger, synagogues were more central to the lives of the Jews of the Diaspora than even the Temple.
  7. According to Ger, Saul of Tarsus debated Stephen in the synagogue of Cilicia in Acts 6.
  8. Who persuaded the Sanhedrin not to execute the Twelve in Acts 5?
  9. Saul began preaching in Damascus that Jesus is the ______________ , the only time that term appears in Acts.
  10. Ger asserts that just as God had withheld the baptism of the Spirit from the Samaritans until Peter arrived as a sign to the church of His acceptance of the Samaritans, He withheld the baptism of the Spirit from Saul until the arrival of Ananias as a sign to the church of His acceptance of the former persecutor of the saints.
  11. What does Ger say the Jews regarded as “the ends of the earth” to the south?
  12. The main point of the vision Peter has of the sheet filled with animals that he is commanded by the Lord to kill and eat is that God has set aside the kosher food laws of the Old Testament.
  13. Per Ger, Acts 9:13 is the first time that the term hagios, “saints” or “holy ones,” is used to refer to believers.
  14. According to Ger, how long was the period that Saul spent in Tarsus of Cilicia between his acceptance by the Jerusalem the church and his invitation to join Barnabas in Antioch?
  15. Saul’s calling was to ________.
  16. Per Rasberry, the focus regarding prayer in Acts 2:42 is prayer ______.
  17. Fowler states that in Peter’s vision in Acts 10, God was stating that ______ must not interfere with the spread of the gospel.
  18. Fowler states that Luke presents two main themes in Stephen’s message. The first is that that the Jews have a penchant for rejecting God’s chosen leaders. What is the second?
  19. What does Fowler state that Luke uses in Acts “to unpack his theology”?
  20. According to Rasberry, there are about ____ references to prayer in Acts.
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