BIBL 364 Quiz Gospel to the Ends of the Earth

BIBL 364 Quiz: Gospel to the Ends of the Earth

  1. Who was the “ringleader of the riot” against Paul and the Christian movement in Ephesus?
  2. Per Ger, Paul’s insistence on going to Jerusalem even after the believers in Tyre warned him “through the Spirit” not to go demonstrates that even Apostles could step out of he will of God.
  3. Per Ger, Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian elders is the only sample we have of Paul’s preaching to fellow Christians.
  4. In his farewell address to the Ephesian elders, Paul quotes a saying of Jesus that is recorded only in Luke’s Gospel: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
  5. Who in Caesarea prophesied that Paul would be bound in Jerusalem by the Jews and consigned to Gentile custody?
  6. Per Ger, “Paul’s extraordinary ability to heal the sick in Ephesus was specific to the Ephesian ministry and not a permanent gifting.”
  7. Why did Paul travel overland through Achaia and Macedonia at the end of his third mission instead of sailing from Cenchrea?
  8. Why did Governor Festus seek help from King Agrippa in Paul’s case?
  9. How long did Governor Felix keep Paul in custody?
  10. During the storm at sea, before landing on Malta, Paul became the encourager of the group. The encouragement from Paul was based on the fact that
  11. Why did Governor Felix leave Paul imprisoned when he left office?
  12. Governor Felix was hoping that Paul would bribe him to let him go free.
  13. God told Paul through an angel that he would survive but some of the men would be lost.
  14. Who discovered the plot against Paul’s life?
  15. Who was it that said that Paul was out of his mind?
  16. According to Fowler, Paul’s insistence on returning to Jerusalem indicates that he was resisting
  17. According to Fowler, when did Paul address his largest Jewish audience?
  18. According to Fowler, Paul began his voyage toward Rome riding on the deck of a Alexandrian grain ship.
  19. According to Fowler, one possible reason Paul insisted on returning to Jerusalem was to report to the elders of the “mother church” there.
  20. According to Rasberry, the first New Testament book to be written was probably _____.
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