BIBL 364 Quiz Paul’s Missionary Journeys

BIBL 364 Quiz: Paul’s Missionary Journeys

  1. Followers of Jesus were first called Christians in the city of ________.
  2. Who was the first Apostle to be martyred for his faith?
  3. According to Ger, Peter told the church at Mary’s house to tell James about his release. The James was
  4. According to Ger, Timothy’s home town of Lystra was a center of Jewish activity for the area.
  5. Per Ger, what city is called “the mother of Gentile Christianity”?
  6. Ger states that “Christian” is the equivalent of “Messianic.”
  7. According to Ger, what role did John Mark play in the first missionary journey?
  8. To whose home did Peter immediately go after the angel freed him from Herod’s prison?
  9. According to Ger, what did James demonstrate in his speech at the Jerusalem council?
  10. When Silas and Timothy joined Paul in Athens, he sent _______________.
  11. According to Ger, what was the issue that proved to Peter and the Jerusalem church leaders that God accepted Gentiles on an equal footing with Jews?
  12. Ger holds that Paul’s preaching before the Areopagus was a dismal failure, showing that he should not have resorted to “human wisdom” in his attempt to evangelize the Athenians.
  13. According to Ger, there was no synagogue in Philippi. How many Jewish men were needed to establish a synagogue?
  14. Why did Paul get a hair cut in Cenchrea at the end of his second mission?
  15. According to Ger, Lydia, the first convert in Europe, was _____.
  16. According to Fowler, what did the death of James say to the church?
  17. According to Rasberry, ________ was among those who unsuccesfully debated Stephen in the Synagogue of the Freedmen.
  18. Rasberry states that Paul’s first recorded sermon focuses upon what?
  19. Rasberry states that the Ethiopian eunuch, not Cornelius, was actually the first Gentile to be evangelized in Acts.
  20. Fowler states that Acts 12 reminds us that each of us has his own part to play in the advancement of the kingdom.
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