PSYC 645 Quiz 2 Research Techniques

PSYC 645 Quiz 2: Research Techniques and Clinical Practices

  1. The types of adaptational failures that may lead to psychopathology include which of the following?
  2. The belief that a particular mental illness develops slowly, over time is consistent with the concept of
  3. The concept of developmental pathways is useful in understanding developmental psychopathology because it:
  4. Which of the following statement is most accurate regarding competencies and incompetency’s in children?
  5. Categories of risk factors include all except which of the following?
  6. Peter’s parents recognized early in his life that he was musically gifted, so they took him to concerts, provided music lessons, and bought him a viola. This is an example of a/n:
  7. The concept that developmental pathways can be altered, either by changing direction permanently or slowing down a positive trajectory, is known as a/n
  8. A child who becomes a competent adult despite the fact he grew up in an abusive, alcoholic family may have had the ability to positively adapt to his environment. This is known as:
  9. Andersen wants to study the development of depression based on age and gender. If he wants his results to be available for a presentation next year, he should use which type of research approach?
  10. Pedro has learned that he can lose himself in a good book, which helps him escape his abusive father. Researchers refer to this as:
  11. Smith is telling his psychology students that a child’s adjustment and maladjustment develops and can be tracked across time. He is most likely lecturing on the concept of:
  12. Research has shown that children who are maltreated are more likely to suffer long-term consequences if they also had certain genetic variations. This is an example of which of the following?
  13. Categories of risk factors include all except which of the following?
  14. A therapist who attempts to understand the degree to which a particular behavior exists within a child rather than the kind of behavior would be utilizing which type of classification system?
  15. Kelly is gathering information on her latest client by talking with the child’s parents, teachers, and the child. She is most likely engaging in which aspect of assessment?
  16. A social worker wants to know if video self-modeling will improve the social skills displayed by the students with autism in her school. Which type of research would help her best address this question?
  17. Samuelson diagnosed Ruth with intellectual developmental disability when she was five years old and confirmed that same diagnosis when she was 12. This is an example of which type of reliability?
  18. All of the children at Hoover Elementary participate in a weekly social skills lesson conducted by the school psychologist. This would most likely be which type of intervention?
  19. All of the following are key assumptions of the medical model of psychopathology except that disorders are:
  20. Austin, a 19-year-old student who has cerebral palsy, is being evaluated by the school psychologist to help in determining his current educational needs. As a child with a disability, Austin’s educational rights are protected under which of the following?
  21. Nielsen evaluated Kris when he was 2-years-old and Dr. Perry evaluated him when he was 8. Both diagnosed him with an intellectual disability and ADHD. This is known as which type of reliability?
  22. Which of the following statements is most true regarding the effects of labeling a child with a psychiatric disorder?
  23. All of the following are types of interventions that focus of preventative measures except:
  24. Classification refers to which of the following ?
  25. Thomas and Tony are both 7-year-olds who have been diagnosed with autism. Thomas enjoys talking obsessively about his favorite Disney movies, while Tony has only 10 recognizable words in his expressive vocabulary. This is an example of which classification concern?
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