PSYC 645 Quiz Trauma and Stressor

PSYC 645 Quiz: Trauma and Stressor Related Disorder

  1. The most effective intervention for victims of mass trauma includes all of the following EXCEPT promotion of:
  2. Recurrent, involuntary memories of the trauma; recurrent, distressing dreams related to the trauma; flashbacks; and physiological or psychological distress in response to reminders of the trauma are examples of the _______________ symptoms of PTSD.
  3. One of the reasons it is difficult to study the developmental course of maltreatment is that:
  4. The negative physiological consequences on the body and brain that accumulate as a result of the heightened neural and neuroendocrine responses that occur when a person is exposed to chronic stress is known as
  5. Which of the following type of stress responses is the result of prolonged exposure to stress resulting in permanent changes in brain structure and brain?
  6. Alejandra is dreading her psychology final but is preparing for it by studying sections well ahead of finals week. This is known as _____ regulation.
  7. According to the Module 5 presentation, Sweeney (2002) identifies 5 key elements of effective play therapy for treating children who have experiences maltreatment or trauma. Which of the following is NOT one of those key elements?
  8. Which of the following is an element of trauma that affects the potential impact on a child’s adjustment to trauma?
  9. The most accurate definition of sexual abuse is which of the following?
  10. Researchers have found that children may be most vulnerable to the effects of trauma at times when their brains are undergoing critical periods of formation and development. This finding is most consistent with which domain of development?
  11. The most commonly diagnosed disorder associated with maltreatment is:
  12. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more likely to occur if a child experiences all of the following EXCEPT:
  13. Katherine was attending school five blocks away from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Since that time, she continues to have disturbing nightmares about planes, avoids going close to tall buildings, and talks a lot about the scary things happening in her life. Katherine may be suffering from:
  14. The authors of this text would likely agree with which of the following statements regarding the role of stress in an individual’s life?
  15. Ten-year-old Oliver and his family lost their home and possessions in a flood that also affected the majority of the families in their community. This is known as the _____ effect.
  16. Which of the following factors has been shown to be the most important in recovery from exposure to trauma?
  17. Which of the following is the primary coping strategy used during the preschool period of development?
  18. Which of the following treatments has received the most support in clinical outcomes research and is the first-line intervention for PTSD?
  19. Which trauma- and stressor-related disorder involves emotional and/or behavioral symptoms in response to a stressor, occurring within 3 months of the stressor, that cause distress and/or impairment in functioning?
  20. Sometimes after a trauma, people experience positive changes like a new appreciation for life, a deeper spiritual commitment, and better relationships with others. This type of response to trauma is known as
  21. According to the inoculation hypothesis of childhood adversity…
  22. An adolescent is often unlikely to report maltreatment because of:
  23. When David was 7 years old, he lost his home to a re. Despite the trauma that he experienced, David adapted well to the situation and did not develop and clinically significant symptoms of a trauma- or stressor-related disorder. David’s case best demonstrates the _____________ developmental pathway of PTSD.
  24. When confronted with her abusive stepfather’s angry words, young Annabelle retreats to her fantasy world where she is happy and safe. This behavior would be in which family of coping strategies?
  25. Which of the following parents would most at risk for maltreating their child?
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