EDUC 782 Student Affairs Issue Project

EDUC 782 Student Affairs Issue Project

Article Critique

Based on the research question/topic, the candidate will use the Jerry Falwell Library to locate and review a qualitative or quantitative journal article that is scholarly, empirical (research-based), peer-reviewed, and current (written within the past 5 years). The article must clearly relate to the research question/topic that will be used for the Student Affair Issues Paper. The candidate will compose a critique of the chosen article in a well-written, current APA formatted paper (1,000–1,250 words).

Rough Draft

The candidate will write a 1,500–1,750-word rough draft using the requirements of the final paper as a guide. The candidate will use the research question and article critique as a basis for the rough draft of the final paper. The paper will be submitted to SafeAssign to enable the candidate to ensure all references are properly cited.

Research Paper

The candidate will write a 1,500–1,750-word current APA-formatted final paper. The content of the paper must build upon the research question/topic,  critique, and rough draft. The paper must include a minimum of 6 scholarly sources, 3 of which must be current (within the past 5 years), empirical, and peer-reviewed journal articles. The candidate must synthesize all research into a well-blended paper that clearly addresses the research question/topic, provides insight into best practices/strategies to address the issue, or improve the issue, with the intent of improving the overall Department of Student Affairs.

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